WEBSITE Development • local marketing • SEO/Analytics

Directopps will train you how to use your web application so you can update images, content, and videos. If you don't have time or the patience to make updates to your website, we offer monthly/yearly support contracts which are very affordable.

3) Selecting the Right Theme

Many times small businesses do not understand that building a website requires, content, images, and information to complete the development process. Sometimes web hosting providers provide stock images, or images can be purchased at cost. Directopps works with you to find the right images and helps to craft the right content for your business. We can utilize images from brochures, existing logo images and utilize previous developed content to enhance your website. Starting with the right branded image makes all the difference in building a unique website.

4) Building and Optimizing the website

5) training

Directopps begins with a client meeting to discuss your website development needs. During this meeting we will determine if we can support your project and identify all the website features you would need to meet your business objectives.

2) Collecting Collateral

Directopps has extensive experience working with a variety of website hosting providers many of which provide options to select website themes from either drag and drop website builder applications or Wordpress websites. When selecting a theme, we work with our clients to understand what is most important to their business, including capturing new customers through lead forms, or highlighting image galleries. By creating a clear call to action, the websites we create get results.

Directopps will build your website to the specifications you request and work with you to identify visual features you find appealing and functional aspects which enhance your website. Once a customer is in agreement of the layout, look, and feel of the website, we optimize the website by adding page descriptions, keywords, and google analytics code to every page.

1) Client Meeting

OUR Process