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Directopps will fully optimize your website by adding Google analytics code to every page, add keywords and page descriptions for each page, and help search engines identify you on the web. Our company has expertise with Pay-Per-Click campaigns, Ad campaigns both on Google, Facebook, and Twitter and can help you track results of your marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing

As a new small business, you may not have even developed an image or identity and Directopps has branding expertise available to both create logos, provide custom photos of your business, develop brochures and marketing materials. Developing a strong brand identity is very important to the success of your business. Let us help you do it correctly from the start. Learn More

Website Redesign

Directopps can also support your need to have your social media business pages match the branding of your website. We have the expertise to build your facebook or twitter business pages with the right size images for the header and logo image. In addition, we can help you understand how to set up push campaigns, ad campaigns, and the analytics associated with those social media ads. Directopps can also help you incorporate your social media feeds into your website so website traffic increases.

SEARCH Engine Optimization

As a new small business, you may be starting from scratch. One of the biggest mistakes I see in selecting a website developer, is the mistake that you need a custom coded website that only a web programmer can develop. Web applications today provide a host of templates which are fully customizable and more importantly user friendly.

Directopps has expertise with multiple email marketing application and will customize newsletters, create templates which incorporate your branding and help you reach your customer base on a regular basis. In combination with ad campaigns, press releases, and social media campaigns, email marketing continues to be the right way to build your customer base and communicate with your customers regularly.

Many times small business owners have attempted to build a website and were dissatisfied with the outcome. They either need a new theme or web platform to make the website look appealing and functional again. Sometimes customers choose the wrong web platform and it is too complicated for them to make updates and changes in the future. Directopps will completely redesign your website and help you to take control of the website customization process.

Website development

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